Gynecological Examination Chairs Market Infrastructure Growth and Development by 2026

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Gynecological examination chair is a chair used to seat the patient so as to aid unobstructed detection of gynecological related issues. These chairs have various features such as adjustable backrest, foamy, seamless, and adjustable seat. Advancements in technology and increasing spending on healthcare is favoring the adoption rate of novel products that can provide better assistance for the examiner. The designing efforts such as modifications in the previous products from manually adjustable rests and seats to automatically adjusting heights and inclination through wireless foot-controlled pedals are providing ease for gynecological examination. This new concept and modifications ensures the patient’s convenience and work-effectiveness. The rise in vaginal infections such as vaginitis, vaginal cancer, and vulvar cancer is expected to favor the growth in gynecological examination chairs market.

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Increasing incidence of gynecological diseases supporting market growth:

Increasing incidence of gynecological diseases in women is one of the largest factor fueling global market growth. For instance, in 2015, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis in the U.S. was around 20cmillion in women between the age of 14 and 49. Also, rise in number of pregnancy cases worldwide, in turn increases need for gynecological examination chair, which ultimately is expected to positively affect the gynecological examination chairs market in the near future. According to CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, data published in 2015, number of births in the around 4 million. Also, increase in awareness among women regarding the gynecological problems such as ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer, pregnancy related complications and issues is projected to fuel the market for gynecological examination chairs industry.

Key Market Players

Major players involved in the market of gynecological examination chairs include Moelis & Company, Wanrooe Medical, ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Medifa-hesse GmbH & Co. KG, Inmoclinc S A, Oakworks Medicals, Malvestio Spa, Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instrument Co Ltd, Favero Heath Projects, and Combed, Mediwatch, TECNODENT S.R.L.

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Gynecological Examination Chairs Market Segmentation:

The Global market has been segmented on the basis of product type and end user:

  • Type of gynecological examination chair:
    • Electric gynecological examination chair
    • Non-electric gynecological examination chair
    • Hydraulic gynecological examination chair
  • End user of gynecological examination chair:
    • Hospitals
    • Maternity hospitals
    • Diagnostic centers
    • Maternity clinics
    • Acute care centers

Electric gynecological examination chairs offer various beneficial properties such as wide electromotive adjustment range, adjustment up to shock position, memory control, where examination positions may be stored and called up if requested and thus, are preferred over non-electric gynecological examination chairs. This is expected to be in favor for the growth of gynecological examination chairs industry in the near future.

New and advanced gynecological examination chair:

ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne (ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG), MUS4000 V GYN (medifa-hesse GmbH & Co. KG), DH-S104A gynecological examination chair, among others are some of the advanced gynecological chairs in the market. These chairs offer various advanced features such as fully flexible in height with any inclination in any position, these chairs can be quickly and gently moved into an anatomically optimum examination position at the touch of a button. Also, the advancement in technology and design is projected to support the gynecological examination chairs market.

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