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Asia-Pacific Healthcare Exoskeletons Market Analysis By Strategies, Revenue, Price And Forecasts

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Asia-Pacific healthcare exoskeletons market will grow at an astonishing 2018-2023 CAGR of 42.8% owing to a fast-growing adoption of all types of exoskeletons in a magnitude of healthcare applications across the APAC region.

Highlighted with 23 tables and 49 figures, this 121-page report “APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market by Application, Mobility Type, Product Function, Power Technology, and Country 2018-2023: Growth Opportunity and Business Strategy“ is based on a comprehensive research of APAC healthcare exoskeletons market by analyzing the entire regional market and all its sub-segments through extensively detailed classifications. Profound analysis and assessment are generated from premium primary and secondary information sources with inputs derived from industry professionals across the value chain. The report provides historical market data for 2014-2017, revenue estimates for 2018, and forecasts from 2019 till 2023.

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In-depth qualitative analyses include identification and investigation of the following aspects:
• Market Structure
• Growth Drivers
• Restraints and Challenges
• Emerging Product Trends & Market Opportunities
• Porter’s Fiver Forces
The trend and outlook of APAC market is forecast in optimistic, balanced, and conservative view. The balanced (most likely) projection is used to quantify APAC healthcare exoskeletons market in every aspect of the classification from perspectives of application, mobility type, product function, power technology and country.
Based on application, the APAC market is segmented into the following sections with annual revenue data available for each section over 2014-2023:
• Rehabilitation
• Mobility Aid
• Other Applications

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On basis of mobility type, the APAC market is studied in the following segments with annual revenue data provided for each sub-segment covering 2014-2023:
• Mobile Exoskeletons
• Stationary Exoskeletons
• Tethered Exoskeletons
On basis of product function, the APAC market is studied in the following segments with annual revenue available for each sub-segment covering 2014-2023:
• Upper Body Exoskeletons
• Lower Body Exoskeletons
On basis of power technology, the APAC market is segmented into the following sections with annual revenue forecast for each section covering 2014-2023:
• Active Exoskeletons (by power type, this section is further classified into Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator, Fuel Cell, and Others)
• Passive Exoskeletons
Geographically, the following national markets are fully investigated:
• Japan
• China
• Australia
• India
• South Korea
• Rest of APAC

For each of the aforementioned countries, detailed analysis and data for annual revenue are available for 2014-2023. The breakdown of all national markets by application and mobility type over the forecast years are also included.

The report also includes APAC annual shipment 2014-2023 based on direct sales, the split of APAC revenue by revenue mode over the forecast years, average selling price of healthcare exoskeletons for 2014-2023, current competitive scenario and the predicted manufacture trend, and profiles 12 healthcare exoskeleton vendors including market leaders and important emerging players.

The APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market study consists of various segments on the basis of which the Market is analyzed. The individual APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market growth, share and size for each segment and their sub-segments is offered in the report. It delivers the historical data of the APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market along with the current and future forecasts of each segment. The leading Market players in the Market are discussed in detail along with their business growth strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, sales, profits and overall revenue generated along with the competitive scenario of the MARKET. It also includes company profiling of key players, Porter’s five forces analysis and value chain analysis among other such factors. The report also includes various analytical tools based on which the APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market growth is analyzed.

Regional breakdown of the APAC HEALTHCARE EXOSKELETONS MARKET is done on the basis of following regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. The report delivers a global, regional as well as country-wise APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market growth trends. This includes evaluation of growth and consumption ratios as well as value of production in the regions for the APAC Healthcare Exoskeletons Market. The regions are further divided into the subsequent countries:

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Specifically, potential risks associated with investing in APAC healthcare exoskeletons market and industry are assayed quantitatively and qualitatively through GMD’s Risk Assessment System. According to the risk analysis and evaluation, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are generated as a guidance to help investors & stockholders identify emerging opportunities, manage and minimize the risks, develop appropriate business models, and make wise strategies and decisions.

Key Players:

AlterG, Inc.
Bionik Laboratories Corp.
Cyberdyne, Inc.
Ekso Bionics
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation (Activelink)
Parker Hannifin Corporation
ReWalk Robotics Ltd.
Rex Bionics Plc.
U.S. Bionics, Inc. (suitX)

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Source : Asia-Pacific Healthcare Exoskeletons Market Analysis By Strategies, Revenue, Price And Forecasts

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