Day by day, the interest of manufacturers to the Internet is increasing

Press Release

We have investigated this topic for you. We received information from Muhammed Navruz, the owner of World Label Shop, a well-established label manufacturer. Nowadays, we have learned that it has made investments in many sectors on the internet.


Who is Muhammed Navruz?

He is 34 years old, born in Konya and a very smart businessman. Cherry trade from Turkey to China , Clothing Labels Manufacturing, Hotel Management, like a lot of work has been done.

Nowadays, as an active business in Turkey , cherry exports and label manufacturing sector is active.

If you wish to contact Mr. Muhammed, you can contact the World Label shop website.


We wanted information about the clothing labels sector from Mr. Muhammed.

Clothing Labels

Labels ; quality of a brand, gives information about the product. Labels are one of the best advertising methods for brands. Therefore, labeling is very important in garment manufacturers.

World Label Shop is one of the platforms where you can get the best support or the safest way to buy labels online.

Clothing Labels Manufacturer

Clothing Label Types

There are many kinds of clothing label types. Each label have different purpose.

Woven Labels

It is a type of label that all companies that want to be of good quality should definitely pay attention. Woven labels are permanent and do not lose their properties due to their production style. Therefore, woven labels are very important for the advertising of brands.

If you want to differentiate markanase and emphasize it efficiently, flawlessly, you must work with professional label manufacturers.

What should manufacturers pay attention to?

Label manufacturers need to pay attention to yarn quality when producing woven labels. Therefore, they need to follow closely the fairs or events related to the yarn.


Check Istanbul Yarn Fair 2020


Leather Labels

Leather labels; labels printed on the leather using various methods. There are many types of leathers. They vary depending on the quality or area of use.These labels are of particular importance in order to determine the quality of the brand.


Material Types

genuine leather, artificial leather, incandescent leather, jacron, canapa, nubuck, velvet


Printing techniques

Silk Screen Printing, Frequency, seersucker and fuel.


Care Labels

Care Labels ; Product information, content information, manufacturer, importer information, which includes the product information to the user, the label is produced by printing on various types of fabrics. Your product will not be damaged if you follow the information given on the washing instructions label.


Many symbols are also used on your washing instruction labels. These symbols are prepared according to your products in the direction you want to offer you a quality service.


You can reach detailed information about your products through the washing instruction and if you follow these information, your existing products will be durable for longer life. With washing instructions, you can find information about the degree to which you should wash your product and how to wash it with which materials.


Care Label Symbols

Hang Tags

Hang Tags; Cardboard label models with information such as body information, brand information, information about fabric type, washing characteristics and instructions for use are frequently preferred in terms of minimizing the deformation on the products since they can be attached to the products with rope, ribbon or plastic string. The hang tags varies according to the different cardboard qualities. The hangtags supplied with the product can be a choice of labels that attract attention by customers.




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